Retail marketers who deliver the exact break room you want.

As the only retail-market provider with convenience store experience serving the Ardmore, Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas area, we have the know-how to transform your workplace break room into a destination. Don’t be limited to traditional vending machine snacks and beverages, but instead choose from our selection of over 300 items to give employees a more convenience store like experience.

We offer one stop shopping convenience. Choose just the right items for your business from our retail-market service and office coffee service, and then opt for one of our plans. Choose an employee pay option or a company subsidised plan where the employer pays for a portion of the product costs. We also offer full pantry service -- where the employer pays for snacks, food and beverages for employees as a benefit, reward, or retention tool.

It’s time for a truly custom break room experience without the vending machine hassle

We perfectly blend retail experience in convenience stores and office coffee service to provide superior break room refreshment.

24/7 Quick Response

If you need retail-market or office coffee service, we’ll be there anytime of day or night, including holidays and weekends.


We have been delivering break room solutions in South Oklahoma and North Texas for close to 70 years.

Family Owned & Operated

Trust this local business to understand your workplace needs and provide that family-style customer service.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Enjoy coffee from the latest models with precision brewing times and temperature control for superior taste.

Advanced Technology

Retail-market self-checkout allow for an easy and secure transaction whenever your employees need refreshment.

Corporate Wellness

This isn’t traditional vending machine food or beverages, but a retail-market full of items that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Customized Service

We let you choose the products you want to see in your break room from our inventory of over 300 snacks, beverages, and food options.

One Stop Shop

There is no need to partner with multiple refreshment providers, we can handle all retail-market and office coffee service demands.

Employee Benefit

Give your staff a place to shop for the refreshment they need to be productive and energized. It’s a perk they will love.

Real understanding of Southern Oklahoma and North Texas workplace refreshment needs.

With nearly 70 years experience serving the break rooms of Ardmore, Southern Oklahoma, and North, Texas, we have a deep understanding of the local needs. That’s why Southern Markets is known for its superb service and popular products.

Locally Owned & Operated

We bring experience serving the needs of Southern Oklahoma and North Texas in the convenience store industry to your workplace break room.

Decades in the break room industry

For almost 70 years, Southern Markets has been bringing food, snacks, and beverages to workers throughout Ardmore, Southern Oklahoma, and Northern Texas.

Customized Retail Markets

With hundreds of products tailored to your specific location, Southern Markets provides the best user experience in Oklahoma or Texas.